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School Funding Updates

about 1 month ago

The Washington State Legislature, in response to the McCleary lawsuit, passed a law in 2018 increasing state funding for schools while decreasing the amount school districts can collect through local levies. Beginning in September 2018 (transition half-year), with full implementation in 2019, the amount of funding provided by the state and our local Education Programs and Operations levy changes. For the Riverside School District the state percentage will increase from approximately 70% to 77% and our levy will decrease from approximately 21% to 14%. Federal funds make up about 8% of our General Fund budget.

Included in this legislation are new rules regarding what state monies can be used for and what can be funded by our levy. In short, local levy funds must pay for "enrichment" activities like after school sports, etc. State funds must be used for what are considered "basic" education expenses. On another note, please remember that the voter-approved Levy #2 for security, facilities, and technology improvements is a completely separate budget designated just for those projects. 

Throughout the 2018-2019 school year, we will work hard to explain these funding changes, provide answers to frequently asked questions, and communicate as openly and transparently as we can. If you have any questions, concerns, or suggestions, please contact Business Manager Ron Thompson at or Superintendent Dr. Ken Russell at You may also call or text Ken at (509) 370-1717.

For a simple explanation of the new school funding model, check out 

Riverside School District Budget

4 months ago


The Board of Directors has approved the following budget for 2018-2019.

F-195 2018-19 Budget.pdf

In addition, as part of the new state funding formula, districts are required to submit board-approved 4-year budget forecasts. Please see our forecast below:

F-195F Current Budget Four Year Forecast.pdf