Career Preparation Resources

It’s never too early to explore careers. Your potential career track plays a role in the training or college you choose and the classes you take. For example, if you think you might want to pursue a skilled trade such as culinary or welding, a community college or trade school would be best. If you want to be a doctor or architect, you’ll need advanced training through a university. Exploring careers can be accomplished in many ways:

Career assessments such as or talk with Mrs. Mielke in the CTE Center

Research careers online

Job shadows (Ask people you know or local organizations if they’ll let you follow along for a day – see Mrs. Mielke for a job shadow packet to help you with this option)

Attend a career day

Find professionals in careers you are interested and interview them

Look into internship programs or consider volunteering in a field of interest

Resources in Searching for Careers

2 years ago

  • Post-secondary training can help you get ahead – whether it’s a college degree, apprenticeship, or certificate. Whatever your pathway, Career Bridge helps you discover what you want to do, which education/training program to choose, and many other resources. Go to Career Bridge

  • Mapping Your Future is a one-stop site for students, parents, and counselors, with information on college planning, financial aid strategies, and career options. Available at Mapping Your Future

  • Find the perfect degree for your life, goals and circumstances through FindYourContext

  • Discover if engineering is a career you’d love! This is a website about engineering for high school girls. Visit Engineer Girl.

Additional Resources

2 years ago

The purpose of the Sheriff’s Explorer Program is to familiarize young adults between the ages of 16 and 21 with the career of Law Enforcement. It is designed to interest these individuals in this career field while promoting communication, leadership, civic duty, honor and understanding between Law Enforcement personnel and the community. Visit Spokane County Sheriff's Explorer Program