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Rachel’s Challenge

over 4 years ago

What is it?

Rachel’s Challenge is a non-profit, non-religious, non-political organization ran by Darrell and Sandy Scott. Their mission statement is to “motivate, educate and bring positive change to many young people”. Rachel’s Challenge presentations are given in schools and communities by members of her family and other speakers, using video footage of the Columbine High School massacre and its aftermath, combined with Rachel Scott’s drawings and writings, in a effort to eliminate school violence, bullying, and teen suicide. Riverside School District has joined schools around the country in bringing this message to our students and our community.

You can learn more about Rachel’s Challenge by visiting their website:

Events at RSD

Christmas Kindness

Dec. 5-19


7th Grade Marketing Committee has placed a 7′ Grinch in the hallway by the office showing the tiny heart of the Grinch.

Each teacher, principal and staff member will be given a few small hearts everyday to give to students who show kindness to others.

The Committee’s hope is that if a student sees kindness shown to others, they can request a heart from a teacher to give to a deserving student or adult. When a student receives a heart they will take it to the office with their name on it.

The Committee will attach the hearts to the Grinch.

Our hope is that the Grinch will be covered with “Kindness Hearts” well before we leave for Christmas Break.
~ Mr. Winkle