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13 days ago

Did you know?

  • School Start Time Next Year: The Board approved a new school start time for the 2019-2020 school year. We will start 20 minutes later, and we will no longer have monthly or bi-weekly two hour late starts. Check out our Frequently Asked Questions below:

    1. What is the new start time? The old start time was 7:50 AM. School will now start at 8:10 AM.

    2. Why the new start time? The main objective is to have a schedule that allows for consistent and effective staff collaboration and teamwork, which leads to improved teaching and learning. The new schedule has additional value, as well, including more sleep for our students and improved student safety during morning transportation. Finally, many members of the community have expressed concerns about the Wednesday late starts. This new schedule eliminates the monthly (and sometimes bi-weekly) late starts. 

    3. Did you ask for input regarding the new schedule? Yes, we conducted a Facebook poll (74% yes and 26% no) with our community and a Google survey (75% yes and 25% no) with our staff. We also communicated the idea on several occasions and asked people to call or email us with questions, concerns, and suggestions. We also collaborated with our union leadership on the schedule. District and school administrators also spent a great deal of time on the new schedule. Finally, we communicated early and often with the Board of Directors. 

    4. What are the down sides of the new schedule? We do lose some instructional time with our students. However, with more consistent and effective collaboration and teamwork, we have the opportunity to improve the quality of our instruction. Quantity and quality of instruction are both important. The new schedule may also cause conflicts with some of our parents’ work schedules. We plan to have before school programs for our students, so a parent may drop his or her kids off earlier to accommodate their work schedules. More details from individual schools will follow. 

    5. Will the new schedule alter the schedules of employees? For certificated staff, no. For some classified staff, yes. By contract, we must notify classified employees of shift changes within three business days. We will be in communication with those staff members who will experience shift changes. 

    6. Will the new schedule change bus route times? Yes, morning bus routes will now start 20 minutes later, so morning pick up times will take place about 20 minutes later, as well. After school bus route times will stay the same. 

    7. Will school end at the same time? Yes. The end time of school remains the same as it has been for years. 

    8. Does the new schedule cost more? No.

    9. Is it true the new schedule reduced hours of paraeducators? No, that is not true. 

    10. Will we still have the option of late starts in the case of bad weather? Yes, a two-hour late start will remain as an option for us in the case of bad weather. 

    11. How will we know if the schedule made a difference? Anytime we try something new, we should determine “evidence of progress.” We will monitor and track staff and student progress throughout the 2019-2020 school year. We will also ask the community’s opinion on the new schedule.  


Capital Levy Updates

about 1 month ago

Last February, our community approved two levies by nearly 70%, including the 4-year (2019, 2020, 2021, 2022) Levy for Security, Facilities, and Technology Improvements. Here are some specific updates:

-Roofing: We repaired warranty issues on the roof of the 6th grade wing at RMS, and this summer we will replace or restore the following roofs this summer: metal shop and wood shop at Riverside HS, CES and RES breezeways, wood floor gym at RES, east wing of RES, district office, and grounds shop.

-Security: We purchased and installed a new phone system that allows for more efficient and effective communication strategies in case of emergencies. The new phones are actually less expensive than our previous phones. 

-Study and Survey: We are working with Northwest Architectural Company (NAC) to complete our study and survey, a third-party independent audit of our facilities. The data gathered in the study will help us create our long-term facilities plan, as well as successfully complete our capital projects as part of our Levy for Security, Facilities, and Technology Improvements

-1:1 Technology: We purchased Chromebooks for all students in grades 6-8 at the middle school. We also purchased Chromebooks for all incoming 9th graders. The 1-year old Chromebooks from our seniors who graduated now go to RES and CES, in addition to one cart of 30 Chromebooks at each elementary school. We are now fully 1:1 in grades 6-12. This fall we will upgrade our network and update our servers.