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This one page graphic describes the projects funded by the proposed Bond. 
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Facilities Advisory Committee Recommends Running a Bond in February 2024

The Facilities Advisory Committee (FAC), comprised of parents and community members, spent two years studying 5 and 10-year student enrollment forecasts, facilities audits (ages, conditions, eligibility for state matching funds, and programmatic needs at each school), the results of 440 executive-style phone surveys, and feedback from students, staff, families, and our community (Town Halls, webinars, Thought Exchanges, surveys, focus groups, staff meetings...). Their goal was to ensure our District remains good stewards of our taxpayer dollars by taking care of our current investments, while also addressing important facility needs for students, staff, and community.

In June 2023, the FAC presented a recommendation to the Board of Directors to run a Bond in February 2024 to address the following priorities: renovating and expanding Chattaroy Elementary, renovating Riverside Elementary, Riverside High, Independent Scholars Program, and the Riverside Early Learning Center, and completing the  renovation of Riverside Middle.


If you have any questions, concerns, or suggestions, please call Superintendent Ken Russell at (509) 370-1717.

Bond - The WHY

With a vision of becoming the best rural school district in the region, our district has asked to secure a bond for the purpose of constructing, renovating, and improving all of our school facilities. This monumental endeavor (first bond in 25 years) signifies a commitment to our students' growth and a deep-seated dedication to the future vitality of our community.

Cafetorium at RHS - Case Study East HelenaSample Cafetorium at RHS                                               Case Study - East Helena HS

At the core of this initiative is the understanding that the physical environment in which education takes place plays a pivotal role in shaping our students' minds, hearts, and spirits. TEAM Riverside recognizes that our students' potential is unlocked not only through dedicated teachers and rich content, but also through the quality and functionality of the spaces in which they learn, grow, and explore. As such, this bond campaign is poised to make a lasting impact on every student in every school for decades to come.

Classroom AdditionSample Classroom Addition at CES Case Study - Stevens Creek Elementary



Second Gym

Sample 2nd Gym at RHS                                                              Case Study - Selah HS

Bond - How Much Does it Cost?

The Bond tax rate is $2.05/$1,000 of assessed property value. Our existing Capital Levy, approved in February 2022 at a rate of $0.63/$1,000, will expire in 2024. We subtract the $0.63 from $2.05 to get the increase of $1.42/$1,000. The chart below describes four different home values multiplied by $1.42 to determine your cost per year and cost per month. If your home value is different than those listed below, simply multiply your home value by $1.42. 

Cost by Year and Month